SentriCard Deprecation – Postponed until March

As a reminder, those who own lockboxes will be able to use their SentriCard® with lockboxes they own, if necessary, for certain basic ownership functions. Those functions include:

  • Taking or transferring ownership
  • Releasing the shackle
  • Assigning the lockbox to a listing
  • Opening the key compartment
  • Setting a Lockbox Clock
  • Customizing a Lockbox(please note, your organization’s inventory allows for all of these these functions to be completed using the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app and does not require a SentriCard®)

How to move from the card to the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app.

In advance of the March timeline, SentriLock is releasing several new features to improve members’ experience using the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app:

  • Improved ability to generate Mobile Access Codes, for non-Bluetooth® lockboxes, in situations where there is poor or unreliable cellular data service .
  • Your organization has the option to increase the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app credential renewal time period from the current setting of 24 hours to 10 days, or 20 days. This offers more flexibility in situations where members might have extended periods of time in an area with poor or unreliable cell coverage. Your Customer Success Manager will contact you to make decisions about this new setting.
  • Visual indicator on the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app home screen to indicate mobile credential expiration. This serves as a reminder of the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app credential expiration and indicates the need to open the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app, while in cellular service or wifi, before credential expiration.

Why Are SentriCards Being Deprecated?

The smart card, while innovative at the time of introduction, is a technology that is reaching the end of its life cycle. We have experienced numerous challenges as smart cards approach the end of their utility, such as:

Industry-wide difficulty in acquiring key components that go into the use
of smart cards.
An inability to develop new, highly desirable features that will work with
smart cards.
The natural migration of customers to the superior Bluetooth® connectivity
and app-only environment.
As a technology company, we take pride in always keeping a keen eye toward the future, while staying firmly committed to providing the best overall customer experience. The result of this approach means that some technologies must be retired as newer, more efficient solutions become available.

If you have any questions or need assistance transitioning your members to the app, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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