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Eastern Middle Tennessee Shines as a Destination – Part 4: Shopping & Commerce

Our fourth blog in this series focuses on the business, commercial, and retail aspects of Eastern Middle Tennessee—which are even more reasons why our part of the Volunteer State shines as an inviting destination for residents, business owners, and visitors alike.

(See Part 1: Natural Wonders here, Part 2: Attractions here, and Part 3: Music & Arts here.)

In our area—which we’re defining as in or near Wilson County—some of the highlights of commerce and shopping include the following. (We know there are many more, of course; this is just a sampler platter!)

(The next installment of this series, Part 5, will feature News & Information.)

Malls, Boutiques, Gifts, Health and More

The Wilson County Convention & Visitors Bureau website includes this list of a variety of shopping options, from the popular Providence Marketplace to mom-and-pop shops nestled on quiet streets, from restaurants and bookstores to beauty and antiques, and many more.

Mt. Juliet Shopping & Specialty Retail

The Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce maintains this helpful directory on its website, featuring a broad array of shopping opportunities in and around the city. (And yes, the list keeps growing as the community continues to thrive.)

Shops, Markets, and Galleries in Lebanon

Savvy shoppers know to hop on Yelp, Yahoo!, Google, Tripadvisor, or other online listing and review sites when searching for places to spend their dough. In the case of some of the businesses located in and around Lebanon, Tripadvisor offers this eclectic list that includes some fun choices.

Just the Shopping Centers

Along those lines, Yelp includes a ranking of “The 10 Best Shopping Centers near Wilson County,” so those looking for bigger retail options in our area would do well to check out this collection.

Cars, Crafts, Delis & Other Commercial Spots

Not to be outdone, BusinessYab has compiled this wide-ranging directory of Wilson County retail and commercial establishments providing a full menu of products and services. It’s well worth a look.

Locally Owned Garden Shops

Wilson County is home to a harvest of garden shops where residents can find flowers, plants, produce, and also learn how to cultivate their own gardens at home. This Wilson County Source article provides more details about the shops.

Smooth(ie) Move, Slick

In the mood for a cool, creamy, healthy (or not-as-healthy) treat? Grab a smoothie at one of the many spots where they’re available throughout Eastern Middle Tennessee.

And of Course: Rock-Star REALTORS®

You didn’t think we’d leave out the folks who contribute mightily to commerce in our area through their excellence in real estate community, did you? (Hint: we mean you!)

Chartered in 1969, our Association’s 1,300+ REALTORS® are a proud part of the 36,000+ members of Tennessee REALTORS® and of the 1.5 million+ members of NAR, all working to serve the public and protect the rights of America’s property owners. EMTAR members are known not only for their unmatched real estate excellence and high ethical standards, but also for being generous, hospitable, others-focused, loyal, hardworking, and eager to help wherever and whenever help is needed.

Commerce and shopping represent some of the myriad reasons why we love being part of Eastern Middle Tennessee—and why so many others are discovering what makes this such an inviting place to live and visit.

Stay tuned for Part 5: News & Information, coming soon.