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Nashville’s “Media Darling” Loves Eastern Middle Tennessee

Note: On occasion, we will feature noteworthy people in our EMTAR blog whom you might know from the media, entertainment, or business, especially those with strong ties to our community.

If you’ve been around the Nashville area a while, chances are you’ve heard the voice or seen the face of TV and radio personality Joe “Big Joe on the Go” Dubin, who has humorously dubbed himself “Nashville’s media darling” over several decades of a wide-ranging local career.  

Big Joe is homegrown (he played football at McGavock High before attending Samford and MTSU), and he has logged countless hours reporting on News 2, covering high school sports, appearing on Fox 17’s weekly football show, co-hosting a daily sport-radio show (currently 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on 102.5/106.3 FM The Game), and even interviewing celebrities on the red carpet of big events such as the CMA Awards.

He’s also a fan of our community, having spent lots of time here. In a recent interview, he shared how much he admires Eastern Middle Tennessee and the job our EMTAR members do as REALTORS®. He noted that “the overwhelming sense of community and care is amazing,” from the “fantastic” town square in Lebanon, to the vibrant commerce in Mt. Juliet, to the school spirit and educational excellence throughout Wilson, Smith, and Dekalb counties.

‘People Care’

“Overall, [Eastern Middle Tennessee] reminds me of how I grew up in the ’80s,” he says. “The community support for all the high schools is amazing. Games are packed, and the turnout shows the support for all the sports and any kind of activity with the schools. Basically, people care. They care about you. They care about the neighborhoods. And it’s clean. I love Lebanon and the cool shops there. Wilson is the sixth-largest county land-wise, but it just feels right.” 

The area’s appeal extends to our many natural wonders, he says. “It’s nicely settled between two lakes, so there are plenty of recreational activities: golf, trails, greenways. I also love how it seems far away from the big city, but it’s really not.”

Among many favorite spots to visit, he says “Jonathan’s Grille has been amazing for food and fellowship. I’ve celebrated a lot of good things there.”

Big Joe shares much in common with REALTORS® in that he knows how to hustle, work hard, overcome and learn from mistakes, and make things happen.

“You know the saying, ‘I failed a thousand times, but on a thousand and one I succeeded’?” he said as a guest on a recent episode of Danielle Dyer’s (Dani D. Fitness) Love Your Body podcast. “You hear that, and you’re like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ But no, it’s real.”

For example, “I wanted to be a sports anchor, and I made a resume tape and sent it to about 60 places. I got back zero responses. I’m like, What am I doing here? And I came across the Einstein quote, which I had never heard before: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ So I redid my resume tape, made it fun . . . sent out 10 copies, and got six job offers. It was crazy. And that’s how I got to News 2 and the whole ‘Big Joe on the Go’ thing happened. That led to 15 years at News 2.”

Have Fun and Be a Go-Getter

Along the way, Big Joe learned a valuable lesson about being himself and not taking himself too seriously. “I’ve got like seven part-time jobs. I believe in having fun and being a go-getter.”

In addition to his work in high school football, Big Joe has a newer, key role on the collegiate level. He is the football color analyst for the MTSU Sports Network, which can be heard locally on 93.3 Classic Hits. (He’s a 1997 Blue Raider graduate, so the fit is a natural one.)

Big Joe also loves to mentor and help people. He holds a deep faith in God and a strong sense of the importance of family and friendship.

He’s a frequent blogger, mixing inspiration with humor, and has written three bestselling books, including his latest, Lord, Please Don’t Hit That Mailbox.

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