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What Are the Hottest Home Paint Colors?

Spring is springing outside, which means all the colors of the rainbow are blooming on flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns. The same is true on the inside of homes as many sellers work to brighten (or darken) their walls in preparation for the spring and summer home-buying season.

Several recent articles have shined timely light on some of the hottest, most trending color choices, as well as colors that experts recommend avoiding when updating a house in preparation to put it on the market.

For example, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) blogged last week about “Colors to Avoid When Selling a Home,” noting that, “Adding color is a hot trend in home design lately, but be careful which color you choose.”

Among other insights, the blog’s author, Melissa Dittmann Tracey, cited results from the home remodeling site in its Paint & Color Trends 2024, flagging “the most off-putting colors to home buyers.” The not-so-appealing colors included:

  • Red: 53%
  • Lime green: 53%
  • Bright yellow: 40%
  • Mustard yellow: 19%
  • Pink: 10%
  • Turquoise: 9%

The blog also noted, “Instead of splashing interiors in bright hues, home stagers and designers say they like to use color strategically to warm up a space and even make it appear more spacious.” For example, “61% of experts recommend using warm neutrals—like beiges and whites—to help make small spaces appear larger.”

On the other end of the spectrum, the Tennessean ran an AP article in its Sunday Real Estate section titled “Far from Gloomy: Darker paints create a cozy, more welcoming room.” Author Kim Cook wrote, “Dark hues have a bad rap as gloomy and depressing. More likely, they’re bringing the good vibes, all year long.”

The darker colors she mentioned as popular include Greenblack, as well as hues such as deep indigo, Dock Blue, Basalt, Goblin, Adventurer, and Jewel Beetle (most of those by British paint maker Little Greene, which has recently branched into the US).

One home design expert, Noz Nozawa, selected the “deep, fruity Wine Red” to be BlueStar’s 2023 Color of the Year.

The article did advise balancing light and dark if a homeowner chooses to paint the walls a darker shade, by adding touches such as well-placed mirrors, lighter furniture and décor, and other brighter-leaning accents (rugs, curtains).

HGTV, in its 2024 Color Collection of the Year, spotlighted several lighter paint shades (Softer Tan, Pearly White), along with the richer, darker Persimmon. It wrote, “Relaxing neutrals and layers of texture persuade us to slow down and unwind. Plush, upholstered bedframe, headboard and gently curved bench beckon us to a favorite restorative space.”

Meanwhile, Good Housekeeping, in a blog titled “12 Trending Paint Colors for 2024, According to Design Experts,” wrote, “When choosing a hue, it’s important to consider the lighting, the color of your existing furniture, and the mood you’re trying to set. Lighter hues, like creamy white, silvery gray, and muted pastels, help create the illusion of a larger, brighter interior. Meanwhile, darker shades, like deep purple, warm red, and moody blue, make a bold design statement and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.”

Among Good Housekeeping’s top 12 colors were Medium Blue, Rich Brown, Earthy Green, Warm Red, and Dusty Pink. (See the full list here.)

Finally, Better Homes & Gardens published a post headlined “Every 2024 Color of the Year We Know So Far,” highlighting the fact that “Soothing earth tones, deep moody hues, and various shades of blue are among the most popular colors this year.” Its favorites included Satin French Blue, Peach Fuzz, Blue Nova, Thermal, and Skipping Stones. It also joined HGTV in highlighting Persimmon as a hot color choice.

In the end, paint-color selections might also be influenced by geography (coastal areas vs. mountains, for instance), neighborhood patterns, target-buyer preferences, and many other factors. 

The NAR blog concluded with a good reminder not only for paint colors but for other aspects of preparing a home to sell: “The latest trends may call for attention-getting colors, but . . . ‘a trend today is not necessarily the trend that buyers are yet ready to embrace. They need to have certain exposure to a new trend before they fall in love with the new trend. While these trends are great for interior design, they need to be used in a more moderate way when selling a property.’”

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