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The annual Awards of Excellence is a special time for our Association. It is an event when REALTORS® and Affiliates come to together and celebrate the successes of the previous year. Fellowship, Fine Dining, Dancing and many laughs & good times are shared amongst those who attend.

2018 Awards of Excellence

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Click HERE to print the 2018 Awards Application and Rules.

The deadline to turn in your application with payment to the EMTAR office is Jan. 11, 2019.


The Awards of Excellence, is a volunteer service provided to its members by Eastern Middle TN. Assn. of REALTORS® for the purpose of honoring the members of its Association who achieve certain and specific standards of qualification. It is not a contest with winners and losers but rather an opportunity for recognition for those whose qualified Real Estate Sales/Leases place them in the top percentage of qualified REALTORS®. Eastern Middle TN. Association of REALTORS® reserves the right to exercise its discretion in determining whether a nominee qualifies. The decision of the Awards of Excellence Committee is final, however the ultimate responsibility of verifying applications lies with the managing broker.

1.1 ANY REALTOR® licensed as an affiliate brokers or broker and is a member of the Eastern Middle TN. Assn. Of REALTORS® is eligible.

1.2 A Secondary REALTOR® is eligible.

1.3 Co-operating Agent Transactions: in a co-list or co-sell agent [s] transaction, each agent will equally divide the transaction sales price to arrive at the amount acceptable for qualifying for Awards of Excellence. Example: A & B co-list property with 100,000 sales price. C sells property A claims 50,000.00 B claims 50,000.00 C claims 100,000.00

2.1 In order to qualify for the SILVER Awards of Excellence, a nominee must have a gross volume of $1,250,000 or more in qualified sales and or leases during the applicable calendar year.

2.2 In order to qualify for the GOLD Awards of Excellence, a nominee must have gross volume $2,500,000 or more in qualified sales and or leases during the applicable calendar year.

2.3 In order to qualify for the Platinum Awards of Excellence, a nominee must have a gross volume of $5,000,000 or more in qualified sales and or leases during the applicable calendar year.

2.4 In order to qualify for the Diamond Awards of Excellence, a nominee must have a gross volume of $10,000,000.

2.5 LIFE MEMBER: The life member status is available to an eligible person who has received the Awards of Excellence for five consecutive years.

2.6 Decade Award: The decade member status is available to an eligible person who has received the Life Member award for 10 consecutive years.

3.1 In order to be considered for the award each eligible person must be nominated by his/her broker. The nomination must be in proper form, fully completed, and signed by the broker in order to be considered.

3.2 An application fee of $100.00 must accompany each application.

3.3 The deadline is January 11, 2019 4:30 p.m. The completed application and check must be received in the Association Office by then and in proper form in order to be considered. This deadline is absolute. Excuses, whether or not valid, do not extend the deadline. The committee recommends nominee submit their application before the deadline and at the earliest possible time.

4.1 In order to process the forms with the volunteer committee in the limited time available, it is necessary that materials submitted be done correctly. Anyone not following instructions assumes the risk that they will not be included within those receiving the awards. Be sure you understand and comply with the following rules.

4.2 All forms must be either computer generated from RealTracs, personal computer or typewritten and fill out correctly and completely.

4.3 Cover Sheet must be completed.

5.1 The information as to each SALE MUST include the MLS number, if available.

5.2 If an MLS number is NOT available OR if the MLS information is NOT correct or consistent with nformation submitted, The Nominee MUST submit Document named “NON-MLS FORM”.

5.3 The nominee shall be responsible for checking the MLS computer to be sure comparable information is correct. Computer comparable, which is not correct, should be corrected prior to December 31, 2018.

5.4 All lease transactions MUST be documented.

5.5 AUCTIONS: the gross sale of REAL PROPERTY shall be the total amount considered for the Awards of Excellence..

6.1 Only “CLOSED SALES” which have been closed during the applicable calendar year with a commission paid or note taken for commission, will be considered.

6.2 REFERRALS: a referral fee is not a commission, however it is compensation for providing a Realtor service and the necessary information, which results in a sale. 25% of the sales price of the referred transaction will be allowed toward qualifying for the Awards of Excellence. A form will be provided for the purpose of reporting referral closings.

6.3 OWNER/AGENT TRANSACTIONS will not be allowed unless the agent’s broker receives a commission.

6.4 LEASES will be considered ONLY IN THE YEAR in which the lease commences. All parties and the lease in full force and effect must have signed it. LEASE OPTIONS are NOT eligible for inclusion until they have been exercised and in full force and effect. They are counted only in the year that the option was activated as a lease.

7.1 Each nomination will be subject to review by the Awards of Excellence Committee for verification. Any transaction not reported in proper form, MAY BE REJECTED. The committee shall have the right, but not the obligation, to request from a nominee, or nominee’s broker, additional information to verify satisfactorily a transaction, which is to be considered.

7.2 To IMPROPERLY give or receive credit for a transaction, or to falsify information is a VIOLATION of the Rules. Nomination form will be turned over to the Board of Directors.

8.1 There will be a special awards banquet scheduled February 23, 2019 to honor the Awards of Excellence. More information to come!