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REALTOR Member Listing

We are pleased to announce that you can now claim & update your realtor list in the new EMTAR website! This will help provide more information to prospects and members searching our REALTOR Membership Listing and also long term allow Google to be able to index your listing for improved search engine results.

There are 4 steps involved in claiming your listing and getting your listing updated (that are all available at the bottom menu of any page of the the EMTAR website). If you can use Facebook then you can claim your REALTOR Listing! This process should take between 15-30 minutes to step through and you will always be able to update your information in the future once you have ownership of your listing.

Step 1 - Register on EMTAR Website - (use your primary e-mail that is listed on your EMTAR account)

Step 2 - Find your EMTAR Realtor Listing - (using Directory REALTOR Members search)

Step 3 - Claim Your Listing (Select Claim On Your REALTOR PAGE and we will confirm your ownership)

Step 4Update Your Listing (Add Information About Yourself, Add Your Website and Add Your Profile Photo)!

When complete you will have a great looking page that will help you promote yourself to prospects, members, affiliates and on Google!

Patty Williams Century 21 - EMTAR REALTOR Listing



Registration on the EMTAR website is an easy process - simply CLICK HERE (or Register on the bottom Menu) - and then add the details required:

Bottom Footer Menu Claim REALTOR listings


Registration on the EMTAR Website

Once you have registered you will receive a message stating your account has been created and you will need to check your e-mail account to verify that you are the owner of the e-mail used to register. This message will include your username and password so you should keep this e-mail for future reference:

EMTAR Registration Email

Once you have clicked on the verification e-mail you will receive a final message .... Your account has been successfully activated...

You are now ready to search for and claim your listing!

Claim Listing

Now we are ready to Claim Your Listing. To do this you must search for your REALTOR Member Listing that is already in the EMTAR website. Go to the Directory - REALTOR Members Menu Option to commence your search or CLICK HERE

 Once you find your record click on the top line (heading for the listing) to get to the full detail of the listing:

EMTAR Claim your listing button

Once you hit claim you will be prompted to add a message to your request. If you do not see this screen (and are asked to login please do so) - you must be logged in during this process to claim your listing.

 Claim Your Listing request to EMTAR Webmaster

Once you send this claim our Webmaster will receive a copy and verify and approve your account. When you have been approved you will receive a final e-mail confirming your success:

Your claim has been approved by EMTAR!

You are now ready to update your record to complete this process.

Update Listing

With your EMTAR REALTOR Listing you can update your description, add your website, click on Google Maps to show your location and also add your photo for your profile picture. It is basic content updating which can be accomplished in the following steps:

1.   Go To My Listing (Bottom Menu Item) - you will be asked to log if you are not already logged in and then based on your e-mail your REALTOR Listing will appear:

Update my EMTAR REALTOR listing


2.  Select Edit to Edit/Update you will see your profile screen. The first items to update are your description (tell us about yourself) - the best recommendation is to use your About on your website (tell the same story about yourself online!). You can copy and paste the description into this area. Also be sure to add your Website (which is what we hope prospects will link to when reading your profile).

Update Description and Website REALTOR details

3.  Update your address link in your Google Map Integration by clicking LOCATE in MAP and the website should bring up a market at your business address. We also have the Add An Image option below the map so you can add your profile photo to complete this process.

Click Google Map Locator - Add Profile Image

4.  Add your profile photo and then Submit your updates. You photo should be a minimum of 300 X 300 pixels....  and it should be a JPEG image. You will search your computer for your image and select the image. Then you should see your photo and submit to complete the process.

 Add Image Profile to REALTOR Listing

We will receive a notification when you submit your profile and we will double check to make sure it is looking good and formatted correctly. Be sure to logout of your listing with the bottom menu Login / Logout before you leave the website. If you have any questions or issues with this process please e-mail helpdesk@bearwebdesign.com and describe your issues in detail and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible....

You will notice your final URL (that is seen in Google) - will have your full name - http://emtar.com/realtor-members/patty-williams that is Google friendly and easy to link with prospects and associates!