Some Great Apps From TAR Convention:

Some Great Apps From TAR Convention:

Beth Ziesenis, your nerdy best friend,  did three sessions at TAR Spring Meetings  this week, here are some apps that Realtors find useful in their daily work process:

Slydial - this app will go directly to the persons voice mail, if you just want to leave a message and do not want to talk to the person.  iPhone and Android  works with

Photomeasure - the app lets you measure a room- easy…..Iphone and Android

Todolist- notes, photos and even audio recordings.  iPhone and Android

Googlephoto - Your photos are now searchable by the people, places and things in them - no tagging required.  iPhone and Android

Microsofttranslator - much improved...enables you to translate text or speech, have translated conversations, and even download languages to use offline.  iPhone and Android

Ava - Ava is the fastest and easiest way to understand and participate in conversations for deaf & hard-of-hearing people.    iPhone and Android

Meetingmogual - MeetingMogul allows you to join any conference call with one-touch, you won’t ever have to remember or enter phone numbers and audio pins to dial into conference calls again. iPhone and Android

Truecaller - Millions of users trust Truecaller for their communication needs, whether it’s identifying unknown calls or blocking spam SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter.    iPhone and Android


Ifttt - If This Then That (or IFTTT—rhymes with "gift") has become the ultimate automation service for small tasks between Internet-connected services. Whether on the Web or with select apps on iOS and Android, IFTTT—one of our rare 5-star Editors' Choice picks—can handle anything its member service "channels" support.

Mosaic - This app makes it ridiculously easy and fun to make a photo book

Canva-  for Work makes it easy to create beautiful on-brand marketing materials, presentations and social media graphics for every organisation.

Audionotes - Take notes with recored audio using the best note taking app in the App Store! If you want to record a meeting and capture everything said with the ability to jump back to any section that you scribed a note, this is great.  iPhone and Android

Jing - you drag across the part of the screen you want to capture. Once captured, Jing! saves the image and gives you the option of whether to send it to to share with others or, simply to disk.  iPhone and Android

Lastpass -  offers an intuitive interface for both computers and mobile devices, support for all major browsers and operating systems, optional two-factor authentication, storage of personal details and ID cards, and a dizzying array of installation options.   iPhone and Android - Unroll.Me scans your inbox to find how many subscriptions you have, then gives the option to either unsubscribe or consolidate them into a daily digest    iPhone and Android

These are but a few of app discussed during the sessions at TAR Education meetings.

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