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Education FAQ

What are the requirements to get a TN real estate license?
  • At least 18 years old.
  • High school graduate or hold a GED.
  • Complete 60-Hour Basic Principles of Real Estate Course before sitting for exam.
  • Pass state exam by scoring at least a 70%.
  • Complete 30-Hour New Affiliates Course before applying for licensure.
  • Within 6 months of passing the state exam, pay $100, have sponsoring broker sign license application, send proof of E&O Insurance.
  • For most current information visit theTennessee Real Estate Commission’s web site.


What are the requirements to get a Brokers license?

In order to get your real estate broker license, you must have an active license that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Actively licensed for 24 months, if licensed as an affiliate broker on or before May 12, 1988
  • Actively licensed for 36 months, if licensed as an affiliate broker after May 12, 1988
  • Actively licensed for 24 months, if you have a bachelor’s degree with a major in real estate
  • Continuing education credits totaling 120 hours; of these, 30 hours must be from a real estate broker license class taken at a school approved by the Commission

Be sure to visit the Tennessee Real Estate Commission’s website for the most up-to-date information.


How many hours of continuing education are required by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to maintain my license? 

You must take 16 hours of continuing education every two years from the date you were licensed. The TREC Core Course must make up 6 of those hours and the remaining 10 can be any state approved course of your choice.


Is there a way to check how many hours I have completed?

Yes, visit

When you reach the search criteria, Under “Profession:”

make sure you select “Real Estate Broker/Affil/TS”

Enter in your first and last name and/or license number and click SEARCH.


I took a class but it’s not showing up on the TREC web site. What can I do?

Each sponsoring school in which you took your class is responsible for submitting class attendance rosters. Please check with the school first to see if that has been submitted. Sometimes there is a delay in the classes being updated on line by TREC.


Does the TREC Core Class cover Code of Ethics?

 No, it does not. These are two separate classes. If you are a REALTOR member you are required to take a Code of Ethics class every two years in order to maintain your Realtor membership status. The Core Class is a license requirement that meets 6 hours of the 16 hours required by the state of Tennessee every two years from your original license date to maintain your license.


How often must I take the Code of Ethics and is it required to maintain my license?

The Code of Ethics is a Realtor membership requirement that must be taken once every two years. Realtors® (including members who are Appraisers) are required to take the NAR Code of Ethics class. It is not a required class to maintain your license but you can receive continuing education credits that go toward your 16 hour license requirement when you take this class.